The College Panda’s SAT Math: Advanced Guide and Workbook for the New SAT

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1 cuốn sách PHẢI CÓ nếu bạn TỰ HỌC để ôn SAT. Dành cho người mới bắt đầu ôn SAT.

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The College Panda’s SAT Math: Advanced Guide and Workbook for the New SAT

– Giá bán:
+ Bản cứng photo đẹp (format lại từ file gốc): 240,000 VNĐ
+ Giá gốc (bản cứng bán trên amazon): 660,000VNĐ / $29,99 (chưa thuế)

– Ưu điểm:
+ Rất bài bản; Các khái niệm, loại câu hỏi toán sẽ được hỏi/xuất hiện trong phần thi toán SAT đều được giản thích cặn kẽ kĩ càng.
+ Bao gồm hàng trăm các ví dụ cho tất cả các loại câu hỏi và các cách được ra đề
+ Hơn 500 câu hỏi luyện tập và lời giải thích đơn giản dễ hiểu để học sinh có thể làm chủ được mỗi dạng bài

– Khuyết điểm:
+ Có lẽ điểm trừ duy nhất đến thời điểm hiện tại của sách là không có nhiều full test để luyện đính kèm ngay cuối sách (nhưng College Panda cũng đã xuất bản quyển 10 Practice Tests for the SAT Math chỉ phục vụ cho nhu cầu này) và so với quyển Barron’s Math Workbook, phần logic của College Panda có đơn giản hơn 1 chút

– Đánh giá chung:
+ Điểm: 4.75/5
+ Level: dành cho người mới bắt đầu ôn thi SAT Math
+ Quyển sách này có bao gồm tất cả những gì bạn cần để thẩm thấu được phần toán SAT, từ những câu hỏi đơn giản nhất đến những khái niệm phức tạp. Phù hợp để bạn xây dựng 1 nền tảng vững chắc trước khi bắt tay vào luyện đề tổng hợp.

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12 reviews for The College Panda’s SAT Math: Advanced Guide and Workbook for the New SAT

  1. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    I originally purchased 4 different SAT study guides for my daughter. College Panda was her favorite and one of two (also used the college board book of full length tests) that she really used. The other two books were given to a friend who had a lower starting score and needed more basic help. My daughter used the college panda book to prepare for the PSAT and her score went up from a 1290 sophomore year to a 1440 junior year. She liked this book so much that she asked me to purchase it again so that she could use it to study for the December SAT and wouldn’t have to erase her first book. Scores came out today and she got 1500. This book has helped her bring her math score up so much! I will use College Panda books for my younger children as well.

  2. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    I bought this as well as the PWN the SAT but my son only used the College Panda Math. Both seem organized well in print. What I like about College Panda is that there is a website and any errors made in printing are mentioned on the website – that is great. My son had PSAT score of 660 on Math. He took his SAT first time as a junior Oct 6 and scored 770 on the math – only got 2 wrong total. He did the College panda math – most of the book and then 5 of the 8 real practice SAT questions in print – but done without time limit in beginning and only one section at a time. We also used the College Panda writing which he got 3 wrong but got 9 wrong on reading portion – it would be nice if there was a Reading book but based on practice tests – this was the section that varied a lot in scoring for my son – depending on what the reading passages were. We also got the College panda essay book as well but he didn’t really practice any and didn’t really use it and figured that his application essays would count more – he scored 5/4/6 – I advised him to write close to 3-4 pages but he only got to 2 1/2 pages – I’m sure he would have scored higher just if he had written longer.

  3. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    I recently took the SAT and managed to get a perfect score in math, part of which I attribute to my preparation with this book.
    It’s meant to be a review book for the SAT specifically, and I see people reviewing it as a go-to math book. I don’t think it’s that, but it does have exactly what the SAT offers. It’s great if you’re proficient in math already and want to see what the SAT has to offer in a single book and gives real insight into the exam with quick tips, examples of questions, and well-explained answers in the examples. If you’re a student who needs a bit more help in math, it might not be best book.
    But I was mainly using it as a review to freshen up my skills specifically for the SAT. And in that end, it worked great.

  4. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    I bought this book and used it front to end with my high-schooler. Overall, we really enjoyed the book and loved the tone and style that Mr. Phu presented when explaining the concepts and skills. The book was very in-depth and thorough on some topics such as quadratics, word problems, equation solving strategies, statistics. The practices were very well designed! Confidence and proficiency in SAT skills were greatly improved after my kid finished the book.

  5. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    Having already had 2 students enter college, I have looked at a lot of PSAT/SAT prep materials over the years. It’s hard to find any that are geared toward the more competitive students who already are performing decently but want to have confidence that they’ve fully cataloged ALL the types of questions, and want insight into the real ‘gotchas’ of the test. This book does exactly that, is straightforward to read, and doesn’t waste your time with any nonessentials.

    While Nielson’s book is indeed geared toward those aiming for seriously competitive scores, I’m sure it would also be helpful to those who just wanted to understand the “what” and “how” of SAT. Don’t bother with the super-thick, fluff-filled guides churned out by the ‘bigger’ publishers — too much bloatware in this books! They seem to think the page count justifies their cost, I guess. This book lays out the scope of the problem types in a no-nonsense manner. If you need a general introduction to ‘what is the SAT’, how long does it take, etc. then perhaps skim through the beginning chapters of one of those ‘fluff’ books. But then come use Nielson’s for actual study/prep.

    One small criticism (not even worth a point/star off on review) is that, like ANY and EVERY prep book not directly published under CollegeBoard (i.e., CollegeBoard or Khan Academy) the problems are unofficial. Why is that important? Because the test authors have a *very particular* manner of authoring the problems (and answers) so they fit their standardized mold. (Which, by the way, is why all those practice tests in the ‘big fluff’ books are nearly worthless and even misleading. It’s just more heft to justify the price.) So just be sure that if you use the CollegePanda then (as Nielson also tells you) do the REAL PRACTICE on OFFICIAL (new) SAT tests & practice questions.

  6. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    Purchased this book for my son 4-weeks ago. We had not previously heard about College Panda, but the reviews caught our attention. Nielson has organized a great workbook. 28 lessons that are organized by core topic (Statistics, Trig, Circles, Synthetic Division, Inequalities, etc). Each lesson typically has about 7-10 example problems where the workbook takes you through a clear step-wise progression on how to solve / solution rationale. Then the student has about 12-24 practice problems on the exact topic. My son found the organization to be clear, and the mix of example problems and practice problems to be effective at reinforcing the content. This book is awesome for the student that is seeking to shore up his/her understanding of the key SAT Math content. I think it is equally applicable for the student who is studying for the SAT for the first time, or is working to address gaps in understanding before a re-take. Thank you Nielson, you have created a great workbook – we highly recommend this as a key resource. My second child will be taking the SAT next year, and he will be using this book to prep this summer!

  7. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    Great Test Prep Book! If you’re looking for a book that packs the same punch, substance-wise, as the big-box company books, but possesses more dexterity and creativity of explanation, afforded only by a smaller publisher, then is book is for you!

    By far, my favorite part of this book is that “for a complete understanding, this book is best read from beginning to end.” This allows the reader to slowly build their foundation, leaving no stone unturned, which will be necessary as problems become increasingly difficult. Even with this being said, Phu makes sure to write each section as independently as possible, so that you may still skip over sections your stronger in, and proceed to areas in which you need more practice.

    I can say, in good faith, that I’ve went from algebraically-challenged (3 years removed from high school algebra, where I received a D), to feeling very confident in my understanding of the math skills I’ll need to conquer the SAT, come December 2nd. Thank you, Mr. Phu!

  8. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    I can honestly say, this is one of the best SAT Math prep books ever written. The book is very useful as it introduced the concepts, then provided exercises (eerily similar to the actual SAT Math problems) and later provided solutions to those questions. It goes over the basic fundamentals of math you need to know for the SAT and then expands on that knowledge to push you above your target score. Overall, I really recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their SAT Math score!

  9. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    I love this book and so does my son. He’s a Junior who’s aspiring to go to an Ivy League college. His current score is great, but he needs a little increase to score in the Ivy range. This book is very good at focusing solely on concepts that are consistently seen on the math section of the SAT. Neilson does a great job providing explanations and examples. This allows us to identify challenging areas and focused on improving those instead of reviewing volumes of information like most of the other SAT books that really didn’t help improve his score at all. We’ve also used the 10Math practice test book which is a great compliment to this book. I’m so glad I found these books because I’m not sure he would’ve been successful at improving his score if we hadn’t used these. Lots of study time and repetition is key though. You MUST continue to work on troubling areas and take test after test. I can’t say enough how tremendously helpful these books were. Don’t hesitate, buy now.

  10. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    Bought the book for my daughter. As a father, obtaining the best resources for my high school student in her pursuit of an almost perfect SAT score, without wasting her time or my money was my primary goal. After searching for the almost perfect math guide and workbook, I know from her improving practice testing scores, that I did just that. We all know our children have little time to waste on poor SAT test taking resources, and I can say with confidence that this is not the case with Nielson Phu’s The College Panda SAT Math Advanced Guide and Workbook.

    Many have already mentioned in their reviews how enjoyable and in-depth the presented material is. Even going as far as to say it is one of the best SAT Math preparation books ever written, all of which I completely agree. I will go further to say that it will be instrumental in her future success in college by providing a solid mathematical foundation.

  11. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    I’m a private tutor who has been tutoring the SAT for the past ten years. This is the best book I’ve found for SAT math. A lot of students struggle with specific topics that show up on the SAT math sections, and I haven’t been able to find a book that has enough topic specific practice. This book has tons of practice that ranges in difficulty so students can learn the fundamentals of a topic before answering more challenging questions. It also covers 30 or something topics, which is more than any other book I’ve purchased. I can tell a lot of time and research went into creating these problems; they are very similar to the questions my students have seen o the officials SAT and working through this book has helped my students increase their math scores by 100-150 points! I definitely recommend this book, and the other college panda SAT products.

  12. Verified Purchase from Amazon

    Since I am taking the August SAT that is next about week, I found this workbook to be super helpful when it came to reviewing old math topics that I may have forgotten in Algebra or in Geometry along with the Collegepanda SAT 10 practice test workbook as they both help to reinforce the topics I gradually learn over the summer. If you are planning to the SAT as junior or senior this summer or this fall, I recommend purchasing this book along with Collegepanda SAT 10 practice test workbook for the SAT Math and if you are also interested in improving your SAT Writing score, I would recommend the Collegepanda SAT Writing. Unfortunately, the Collegepanda do not have the SAT Reading book released out yet, but I would recommend using The Critical Reader for the SAT Reading by Erica L. Meltzer which I found to be a great book. If you are also wondering about purchasing other books like Barons and Princeton Review, do not purchase these books as I found that their books do not match up to the real and official SAT so I would suggest buying the books I recommend.

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